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B. Clinton’s Benediction

Clinton’s Benediction

“My benediction reflected my deep religious convictions as well as little politics as I prayed that God would ‘leave within us the youthful idealism and moralism which have made our people strong. Sicken us at the sigh of apathy, ignorance, and rejection so that our generation will remove complacency, poverty, and prejudice from the hearts of free men… Make us care so that we will never know the misery and muddle of life without purpose, and so that when we die, others will still have the opportunity to live in a free land.'”


1 year 5 months 18 days…

Happiness can easily turn to sadness
Trust into dismay
Knowledge into confusion

Gone is the ideal rose coloured glasses
But yet you remain
But will I stay or go?

Doubt has its own mind
Distrust stands on its own

Hope is endearing
Do not fly away.

What is fun?

My life is represented at a coffee shop.
Sitting here, quietly reading my book
awaiting you.

Not looking for commitment
or a tense atmosphere
just want to know you and share with you
life together

Fun, is not really a thing for me
but having a stressful time
is probably worst

Better off free and single
not committed

I know what I am and what I want
Yet two different desires await me

Physical love is needed
But looking for a deeper connection
Satisfy me emotionally and mentally

Fun perhaps,
but long-term partner
is important to me.

Love at First Sight

You eyes tell me you are honest,
your kindness and enderment shows.

Your lips speak with passion,
your kisses are soft and gentle.

You smile like a boy,
grinning at the object of his desire.

Your gentle lead,
your warm hands,
found me.

Your witty chatter,
your funny jokes,
makes me smile with enderment.

Your tender glaze,
melting my heart,
leading me to trust you.

Feeling safe in your warmth,
secure in your arms.

Pray you never let me go.

Learning to trust, not to be insecure,
holding onto your smile.

Waiting for your call,
not hearing your voice,
trusting your glaze.

Strengthen by Him, my comforter,
friends among me, makes me know that I don’t need to be insecure.

Loved by many, but never learning to love myself,
I’m┬ábreaking away from the insecurity.

Growing anew, I trust in You and you.

The Book

Take me as a good book
Some unanswered questions
Some left for interpretation
You won’t find complete answers to your questions
And can only imagine the happily ever after
Don’t overanalyze but let the book speaks for itself and observe its actions
Take it as what it is.


3 ways the world is broken:
1. Between us
2. Within us
3. Beyond us

Art Fortune

“You must be able to let go of the past, whatever success you may have seen, whatever your comfort, whatever your habits. The key to loving life is enabling yourself to step bravely into the unknown.” – Juliette Binoche