The Ramen Stand

by thisismypicture

The Ramen Cart

The Ramen Cart

The quiet darkness of the night.
A bright red light,
the rhythm of metal against wood,
an enticing smell in the air.

Lovers after a midnight movie,
men exhausted from their heavy labors,
youth in their joy and squeal,
all gathered around this place.

As I minister my potion,
that brings warmth and satisfaction,
filling the emptiness of life,
I am their healer.

Love, joy and loneliness,
anonymous faces at the bar.
A slight glance,
we are order,
Another glance,
we are clutter.

As the breeze of the night cools,
we huddle closer to the hearth.
Soon a new day begins.

Love says their gentle parting,
Joy promises to reunite,
Loneliness bears more loneliness,
the magic begins to wear.

OH! It was but a short summer!
Our time together is fatefully short.
Faces will remain blurry,
songs have no meaning,
A wonderful forgetful night.

The one who remembers the songs,
finds joy in the lyrics.
The one who remembers the faces,
finds joy from the company.
He will begin again,
once the sun sets and the moon wakes up from its slumber,
but for now,