by thisismypicture

This is me – Inspirational Competent

“I/C” Types are inspiring, yet cautious. They size up situations and comply with the rules in order ot look good. they are godo at figuring out ways to do things better through a lot of people. they can be too persuasive adn too concerned with winning. They are often impatient and critical. They need to be more sensitive to individual feelings. They are often more concerned about what others think. they do not like breaking the rules; neither do thy enjo taking risks. They need to try new things and sometimes go against the crowd. They are careful communicators who think things through.

This is me under stress – C/I/S: Competent Influencing Specialists

“C/I/S”s like to do things right, impress others and stabilize the situations. They are not aggressive or pushy people. They enjoy large and small crowds. They are good with people and prefer quality. They are sensitive to what others think about them and their work. They need to be more determined and dominant. They can do things well, but are poor at quick decision-making. They are capable of doing great things through people, but need to be more self-motivated and assertive. They are stimulated by sincere, enthusiastic approval and logical explanations.

Influential (Inducement, Inspiring, Impressive, Interacting, Interesting)= 5

Social, persuasive, friendly.
Energetic, busy, optimistic, distractible.
Imaginative, focus on the new and future.
Poor time managers. Focused on people than tasks.
Tell rather than ask.
Ask ‘Who?’

  • Be social and friendly with them, building the relationship
  • Listen to them talk about their ideas
  • Help them find ways to translate the talk into useful action
  • Don’t spend much time on the details
  • Motivate them to follow through to complete tasks
  • Recognize their accomplishments

Conscientious (Cautious, Compliant, Correct, Calculating, Concerned, Careful, Contemplative) = 7
Slow and critical thinker, perfectionist.
Logical, fact-based, organized, follows rules.
Don’t show feelings. Private. Few, but good friends.
Big-picture, outlines.
Ask, ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’

  • Warn them in time and generally avoid surprises
  • Be prepared. Don’t ad-lib with them if you can
  • Be logical, accurate and use clear data
  • Show how things fit into the bigger picture
  • Be specific in disagreement and focus on the facts
  • Be patient, persistent and diplomatic