What is Beauty?

by thisismypicture

Roma, Italy

Roma, Italy (I love the shape of this tree)

It was 10pm. I promised my mom that I wouldn’t go out at night. I also promised that I wouldn’t go into dark deserted alley ways, or talk to strange men, or generally wander off on my own. Oh well. It was 10pm in front of Trevi fountain, Rome. A beautiful dark blue night, lively with tourists and lovers seeking to see the fountain in another form of brilliance. Enchanting. Somehow, when I am in the midst of admiring beauty my mind starts to drift into endless trains of thought.

What is beauty?

I think of the many examples – super models, Chanel bags, Brad Pitt (apparently is beautiful – see Meet Joe Black) and Angelina Jolie, beautiful clothing, jewelery, fountains and building architecture (since I am in Rome), Michelangelo and the many other forms of artistic expressions.

Then I thought of the clouds and trees. The clouds are always changing as the wind pushes it. The  shape, form and colour is never the same each day. The trees; it grows wildly how ever it wants to. Mountains, valleys, and the ocean. Natural wonders and beauty.

How does God sees beauty? How is it different from how man creates beauty? There are times when I think about humankind created beauty – we strive for a type of perfection.  For example, we strive for symmetry in our buildings, in the faces of who we consider, “beautiful people”. It seems that God never cared for “perfection” the same way that we do. Humans for example are odd looking – well at least the majority of us are ‘odd looking’. One of my eyes are bigger than the other, some of us have bigger mouths and smaller noses.

So then, why do I strive for this type of outer perfection if even the good Lord’s perfect creations are not all created symmetrically or “perfectly”? Why can’t I accept that one of my eyes are bigger than the other and that I will never have a certain physique?

“Oh Lord, I want to be not perfect, but beauty that is seen through your eyes. I want to see myself and other people as how you see me. Show me how to have joy in knowing that I am your creation.”