The Golden Cage

by thisismypicture

Golden Cage
Golden Cage

I’m going to Ikea tomorrow. I’m going downtown. I’m going to Scarborough. If any of these statements became questions – they would had been answered with a firm, “No”. That’s what happens if you ask my mom anything. If you form any questions, the answer will always be, “No”. Hence, I never ask anymore. I just tell her what I am about to do. If, for sure I know she will  be totally oppose or against what I am about to do. I either not tell her until after I have done it, which is pretty bad I admit. OR I tell her a week before I do. That way, she only gets a week to worry and be upset. Usually before the end of the week, her attitude would turn around and she will begin assisting me on my quest. I would ask her, “Why have you decided to help me?” Her reply would be, “Well, it’s because I know you will do it anyways. I might as well help you or else you will be spending a lot of extra money if you try to do it on your own.”

Good ol’ mom.