The Little Match Girl

by thisismypicture

The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl

People, I mean girls, have been in business for decades. I think of Lydia in the Bible – a seller of purple dyed cloth. Or Coco Chanel who started off making hats for a living. Then there was the Little Match Girl who tried to sell matches until she fatally froze to death when no one would buy her matches.

Unfortunately, my pessimism is leading me to associate myself with the Little Match Girl. Although, I rather be a Lydia – becoming a financial supporter to the apostle’s work or Coco (for her style and purses of course). I am fearful that I will end up dying on the street because no one will buy me cards.

At the moment, I don’t have much capital. However, I am thinking that I need to take this risk and hope that I will end up like Lydia and less like the Little Match Girl. I know I need HIM to guide me and HIM to give me the opportunities. I should be focused on looking at jobs right now. But I also feel like starting this now while I have time is also ideal. I want to do both.

Oh LORD, You the one with Wisdom, Grant me some of your Wisdom!