by thisismypicture

I need to write… if I don’t write.. I feel like I am eternally holding my breath. Holding onto airs of stress, of worries, and of grievences. I feel like I am underwater. This is my safe place.



Lonliness is the feeling of somewhere deep under the Earth. It is in a cave, somewhere dark and silent. It is a feeling of ‘nothingness’. Loneliness is not only being alone, but it includes discouragement, hopelessness, and the emotional and mental disability.

Deep in a dark cave,
Under the houses,
Down below the piping,
Where it is just dark dirt.
I lay my heart down.

All hope is gone,
A dreadful nothingless.

Curled Up,
Like I once laid,
When I first came into the World.

Wishing to become dust,
Ashes to Ashes,
No more, no more.

Take me, before the darkness closes in.
Take me, to a place with Light.
Take me, O Lord, outta here.