C.S. Lewis – The Philosopher

by thisismypicture

Morality, he [C.S. Lewis] argued, is concerned with three things. First, with fair play and harmony between individuals. Second, with ‘tidying up’ or harmonisin things inside each individual. Third, with the purpose of life as a whole, what humanity is made for. He accuses modern man of focusing on the first two at the expense of the third. By ‘Christian standards’ people really mean fair play in our social relationships. Stick to this and there is little disagreement. But it is self-dection unless we are prepared to do something about ourselves. Rules for good social behaviour fall apart if out selfish natures get in the way.

[Therefore] Every time we make a choice we are changing the position of our central part. The twist in the central man can be straightened out again, when one turns to God. Making the right moral choices, heading in the right direction, leads not only to peace but to knowledge – it is sometimes only when we are geting better that we see the evil we have come from: ‘Good people know abut good and evil: bad people don’t know about either.’

[C.S. Lewis at the BBC: Messages of Hope in the Darkness of War – by Justin Phillips]