by thisismypicture

Why have you forsaken me?
Turned your head away from me?
Out of disappointment?
Out of disgust, of the things that you found in my heart?
My sins and my lust for the world?

Where is your plan?
You lead me on a journey, to a place, to a dead end, to a wall.
Will you open it? Will you break down the wall and lead me through?
Will you open it up and split apart the waters
Such as the red sea, which you did long ago.

Even those who don’t believe in You
You grace them
With skills
Direction and guidance
You tell them what are to be
You told the clay pot that they are a pot
To a plate you said plate
But with me

No surely, as Scripture states, “it’s not right of the clay to question the potter.”
Am I the object of your wrath?
Have I’ve been rebellious in your sight?
A broken and ugly clay pot

Where is your justice?
With me, you ask that I walk on thorns.
Others on rose petals.
Am I not also the same as the one beside me?
Are we all not your children?

I lament
And cry
And hope to
Somehow see
Form and shape
When life will make sense
A ball of Yarn coming together
Without loose ends
Or oddities
But somehow things coming together
So that I am someone
With a purpose
A direction.