by thisismypicture

Lying on the moss
Beside the pond
I look down at the reflection in the water
A goddess staring peacefully back
Like a stretched-out cat
Tempting one to pet and touch
A curved playful smile

The leaves are red, gold and yellow
The flowers have fallen down
A cool breeze moves the leaves
And the goddess smiles
Twirls her hair

Whiteness cover the moss
The birds no longer sings
And the flowers completely disappears
And yet the goddess sits
Unbothered by the cold
Her body radiates a divine warmth

Smiling to her reflection
She doesn’t see the passing of seasons
Rolling one onto another

A ripple caused by a fallen branch
Awaken the goddess from her gaze
Looking around
The forest has changed
The branches are fuller with leaves
The moss has widen

Realizing that time has passed
Too late for her appointment
A broken promise
Is nothing to a goddess
She gazes again to the perfection below