by thisismypicture

Tears of betrayal in my eyes
Never standing by me
You left me in the darkest pain
Siding with the masses
Laughing at my dreams

Standing on the highest mountain
You are only on a hill
Living within your own delusion
Practicing your own morality
Preaching out your hypocrisy

Once trusted
No longer
Once a part of me
Now I tear away
Because those who stand by you will surely fall and turn towards the crowd
Those who say they care are living out empty jeers

Does it hurt?
Of course! But then again, how much do I care for someone who doesn’t care for me

You thought you found your truth
You thought you found your religion
But grace is love and love is trust
And trust is gold

Religion is not man or masses
But stepping away from a crowd of hate
Siding with the marginalized and extending grace
Your grace is shallow and so is your love
Because you havent spoken to me since that day your broke my trust

You I don’t need
Especially your empty words
But Please understand this – we all need the sinner’s prayer
Know that we are called to love unconditionally
Know that forgiveness is key

And although you mean nothing
The wound hasn’t healed
It will leave a forever scar that will mark the betrayal
So it’s not that I cannot forgive
It’s just that I will never forget
Because whenever I look down I’ll hear the things you said.