Love at First Sight

by thisismypicture

You eyes tell me you are honest,
your kindness and enderment shows.

Your lips speak with passion,
your kisses are soft and gentle.

You smile like a boy,
grinning at the object of his desire.

Your gentle lead,
your warm hands,
found me.

Your witty chatter,
your funny jokes,
makes me smile with enderment.

Your tender glaze,
melting my heart,
leading me to trust you.

Feeling safe in your warmth,
secure in your arms.

Pray you never let me go.

Learning to trust, not to be insecure,
holding onto your smile.

Waiting for your call,
not hearing your voice,
trusting your glaze.

Strengthen by Him, my comforter,
friends among me, makes me know that I don’t need to be insecure.

Loved by many, but never learning to love myself,
I’m breaking away from the insecurity.

Growing anew, I trust in You and you.